About Us

(International) political theory in and for a changing world

The world around us is marked by major transformations. Economic globalization calls into question the capacity of nation states to govern themselves. Digitalization provides opportunities and risks that we find difficult to grasp with. Climate change and biodiversity loss threaten the natural foundations on which our prosperity rests. Global power shifts challenge the major institutions of the post-war international order. Our research and teaching takes these macro-transformations as a starting point. It asks how they affect our fundamental concepts of and ideas about politics. What does globalization imply for our conception of democracy and justice? How does digitalization alter our ideas about privacy, freedom or ownership? How do we need to rethink basic rights in relation to global warming? What does the rise of China, India or Brasil mean for our ideas of a good international order?

In addressing these questions, we work at the intersection of Political Theory and International Relations, a field also known as “International Political Theory”. Our goal is to combine thorough normative and positive theorizing with solid empirical knowledge. Our activities include teaching and the supervision of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD theses (mainly at the University St. Gallen), contributions to academic debates in international journals as well as at conferences and workshops, and public outreach and dialogue through media publications or our participation in public events.

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