Keynote address: Legitimation in Global Governance

On 7 June, Klaus Dingwerth gave a keynote lecture at the workshop “Designing Legitimacy” at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. In his talk, Klaus argued that democratic norms have been on the rise in transnational as well as in intergovernmental governance, but that the dynamics that gave rise to them as well as the roles they have come to play differ significantly across contexts. In the second part, he reflected upon how we can best make sense of the context-sensitive rise of a democratic legitimation narrative in global governance. Drawing on different perspectives in contemporary social theory, Klaus argued that the rise of democratic legitimation norms we can observe is episodic rather than linear, precarious rather than stable and reformist rather than radical. In normative terms, he thus saw the rise of democratic legitimation norms oscillating between democratic potential and post-democratic practice. The one-day workshop was hosted by EUI fellows Gisela Hirschmann, Tobias Lenz and Lora Viola. It featured another keynote address by Jonas Tallberg as well as the participation of, among others, Friedrich Kratochwil, Iva Koivisto, Dennis Patterson, and Jennifer Welsh. The paper on which the talk was based is available upon request.

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